Just how to Reset the Oil Change Light in a Car

Just how to Reset the Oil Change Light in a Car

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Has the "Maintenance" or "Oil Change" indicator light appeared on your automobile? Learn what this means and getting it to show off.

Modern vehicles are built with several indicator lights to owners when something needs attention, and the oil change light (also called the maintenance light) is certainly one of them. This light is made to inform you when the engine oil needs changing, based on the car's odometer reading. The oil change light won't turn fully off alone, even once the old oil has been drained and fresh oil added. That's where resetting the oil change light comes in.

Not all vehicles have an oil change light, but if yours does, resetting it is worth doing, and not only because of the annoyance of seeing the light on constantly. Unless the light is reset, your automobile may have no method of letting you know next time a gas change is needed.

Here I'll be demonstrating the reset on a 2003 Toyota 4Runner, and although the exact steps vary from make to produce, the essential procedure is similar. Some makes and models have different procedures, like late-model Dodges, which require three quick presses of the gas pedal to reset. If you try the procedure shown here and your light doesn't reset, look at your owner's manual, or check online for help relating to your particular vehicle.

Get the Reset Button and Turn On Vehicle System

Search your vehicle's gauge and dashboard area for a button, switch or stick the says "Reset."
Turn the ignition to the ON position so your gauges and electronics light, but don't start the engine.

Set Odometer to Display Mileage

Cycle through the various odometer modes until it shows total mileage driven.
Turn the ignition OFF.
Support the Reset Button and Turn the Key

Press and hold the reset button.
Turn the ignition back again to the ON position while holding the reset button.
Watch the oil change or maintenance light carefully. It should begin to blink.
Allow the light to blink ON and OFF for a few seconds, then release the reset button and turn the ignition OFF.

Start the Vehicle

Start the engine and make the sure the oil change or maintenance light is now OFF.
If it's still ON, repeat the reset procedure.
If the dashboard light remains ON after two tries, make reference to your owner's manual or the car manufacturer's site for more information about the procedure for the vehicle.

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